National Day of Prayer Program 

A Collective Supplication

Humanity is once again going through testing times. While domestic tensions exacerbate a cycle of distancing and polarization at home, the wars and armed conflicts in the international arena increase the sufferings of fellow human beings. Moreover, on a no less worrying front, the deprivation of millions of humans from basic living standards is deepening the pain and the uncertainty.

The fact that all these troubles are taking place at a time of unprecedented technological advance and material wealth hints that something is missing, for which we should wholeheartedly turn to our Creator.

It is with such conviction that we propose a multifaith prayer event around shared notions of humility and solidarity. Faith leaders from various communities are invited to join this circle of supplication to express words of healing and prayer from their traditions. In the overall, this program is intended to be a focal moment of asking for divine help and an opportunity to make ourselves more familiar with one another’s faith.

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