Our Mission

The Alliance is composed of many diverse organizations dedicated to promoting community service, education, and interfaith understanding to elevate humanity and bring greater peace.

AfSV serves as:

  1. A centralized platform for collaboration and unifying voice for our member and partner organizations around the country to help augment their community service projects toward greater impact and community benefit.
  2. A central/reliable channel to provide factual information about the Hizmet social movement, to educate on its origins and development, to correct misinformation and to foster greater understanding about the activities of the participants of this social movementin the United States.
  3. An information hub for ideas and work of Mr. Fethullah Gulen, whose teachings and sermons have inspired millions around the world to make meaningful, lasting contributions to humanity.

Our goal is to build reliable relationships in order to collaborate on substantial service projects that contribute to the benefit of society, and help promote universal principles to contribute to greater understanding and peace.