Who We Are

The Alliance for Shared Values (AfSV) is a non-profit organization serving as a centralized platform for collaboration and a unifying voice for cultural, civic, and service organizations associated with the Hizmet social movement in the United States.

The Alliance was formed by a group of individuals and organizations that are inspired by Mr. Fethullah Gulen’s life and works. Today, we work with individuals and organizations from all backgrounds and faiths to learn more about each other, cooperate on meaningful projects, and build stronger bonds. Mr. Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Muslim scholar, prolific writer, a prominent public speaker and social advocate. Throughout his career, he has contributed greatly to bringing together seemingly diverse groups, through his teachings and dialogue, to focus on their common goals: improving the communities where they live through service and education. Mr. Gulen believes that interfaith tolerance can in fact be achieved. By learning about other faiths and cultures, people can come to understand that they share common values, and once these values are identified, they can be put into action for the benefit of society. Our member organizations are founded by individuals who are participants in the Hizmet social movement that promotes philanthropy for serving humanity, education for cultivating virtuous individuals, and dialogue for peaceful coexistence.

AfSV works to promote projects and initiatives for community enrichment by serving as a centralized platform for collaboration, a networking hub, and a resource center by facilitating the sharing of best practices.

Alliance for Shared Values and its member organizations do not advocate on behalf of any political party or government agency domestically or abroad; this ensures a neutral role in politics and religion.

Earth Day celebration, 2012

Members of the Helping Hands Foundation Aiding Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti.

Niagara Foundation’s Peace and Dialogue dinner