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Violence & Terror

We categorically reject resorting to violence and terror toward political or social goals. Both violence and terror are multidimensional phenomena. Economic, political, and ideological factors that underlie violence and terror should be given as much emphasis as social factors such as ethnicity, religion and culture. Differences in ethnicity, religion or culture often drive inflammatory rhetoric that fuels conflicts arising from political or economic reasons. Violence and terror violate the principle of the essential dignity of human beings. Violence and terror that target innocent human beings must be condemned unconditionally regardless of the circumstances. Being subjected to persecution and the rhetoric of “having no other weapon” cannot justify targeting innocent human beings.

In the wake of the attacks of September 11, Mr. Gulen was one of the first prominent Muslim leaders to publicly condemn the attacks and its perpetrators. Mr. Gulen also made a similar statement following the recent terror attack on the Libyan Embassy in September 20,2012. His efforts at combating violence have also drawn international recognition.