Fethullah Gülen’s Condolences Message for the Fires in Algeria

August 13, 2021– It is with deep sadness that I received the news of the horrific fires in Algeria that resulted in the deaths of at least 69 people.

I pray for God’s mercy on those who lost their lives in these fires and patience for their grieving families they left behind. I also send my condolences to all Algerian people, especially to the relatives of the deceased.

I ask God the Most Compassionate to grant a speedy recovery to all the injured, and to give people who were harmed by the fires the opportunity to compensate for their losses from His invisible treasures. May our Lord give strength and fortitude to the firefighting teams who are trying to save people, animals and forests trapped in the fire.

I invite everyone to pray for and provide financial assistance to the Algerian people who experienced this disaster at a difficult time when the world is struggling with numerous calamities and troubles.

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