Alliance for Shared Values Denounces Moves by Afghan Government against Afghan Turk Schools

~ Turning over popular, successful schools to Turkish government group shows Afghan government giving in to President Erdogan’s pressure ~

NEW YORK (March 1, 2018) — The Alliance for Shared Values, which represents a number of American NGOs affiliated with the Hizmet movement, denounced the government of Afghanistan for its decision to dissolve the Afghan Turk Cag Education NGO and to transfer the administration of the Afghan Turk schools in Afghanistan to the Maarif Foundation, which is funded by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

The Alliance issued the following statement:

“The Afghan Turk schools have served the children of Afghanistan for years and provided one of the best educational opportunities in the country, especially for girls. Families with students in the schools have loudly voiced their appreciation and support for these schools, and for the selflessness of the teachers whose sole goal is to contribute to Afghan society and education.

“These efforts are yet another example of the Turkish government’s witch hunt against peaceful Hizmet participants who have committed their lives to promoting peace, education, and community service. This decision is not only a blow against the teachers and the students of the schools but also against the vital role that education plays, particularly in war-torn countries.

“We urge the Afghan government to overturn this decision and to ensure the safety of the Afghan Turk teachers, who risk persecution by the Turkish government in the event that they are deported. We also urge the international community to take measures against the Erdogan government’s illegal and unethical efforts to pursue its critics, both within Turkey and abroad.”

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