AfSV Statement on the UN International Day of Education

January 24, 2022 – The Alliance for Shared Values joins together with the global community today to mark the UN’s International Day of Education. On this day, we not only recognize the importance of education in shaping the future, but also the challenges students and teachers have faced during the pandemic.

Education is one of the core values of the Hizmet movement, and it is crucial to achieving societal development, peace, equality, and social justice. In fulfilling that core value, Hizmet participants have established schools, universities, tutoring centers, and student housing to help spread educational opportunities, particularly in areas that historically are underserved. In addition to offering a broad range of subjects such as science, humanities, arts, and sports, the faculty and staff of these institutions strive to provide an environment where diversity is cherished and mutual respect is cultivated.

Education, when done with the perspective of nurturing our bonds as members of the human family, not only leads to the empowerment of individuals but also fosters healthy, tolerant societies. Today, the Alliance for Shared Values joins other Hizmet participants—and the world—in reaffirming its commitment to improving inclusive and holistic education to help further peace.

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