AfSV Statement on International Religious Freedom Day

October 27, 2021– The Alliance for Shared Values joins together with the international community to recognize International Religious Freedom Day and the 23rd anniversary of the signing of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

Hizmet participants strongly believe that every human should be treated with dignity and that any form of diversity that does not contradict human rights should be celebrated for the richness it provides to society. Two of Hizmet’s core values are to respect fundamental human rights and to respect diversity and pluralism. In order to put these values into practice, participants of the Hizmet movement organize activities for dialogue and civic engagement between people of different races, religions, cultures, and worldviews to promote societal peace and mutual knowledge.

The Erdogan regime in Turkey continues to use its power to create a hostile environment and perpetrate violence against religious minorities in the country. In many parts of the world, people are unable to freely practice their religion and even are targeted solely based on their faiths. We call on the international committee to promote religious freedom and human rights worldwide.

Download statement in PDF.