AFSV Message on International Day of Peace

September 21, 2023– Today, the United Nations recognizes the International Day of Peace, a day dedicated to the peaceful preservation and promotion of democratic ideals at a time when the world needs it most. The Alliance for Shared Values joins Hizmet participants around the world to celebrate and highlight our commitment to creating a more peaceful world.  

One of Hizmet’s core values is to use peaceful and positive actions to promote a more just, and inclusive society in the wake of war and authoritarian regimes. Hizmet volunteers have undertaken individual and collective calls to action to foster peace where devastation, poverty, and hunger occur. 

Through civic engagement, interfaith dialogues, and education initiatives, Hizmet volunteers show that creating connections between people of different backgrounds and religions can create lasting peace and lead to the exchange of ideas and solutions to common problems. 

The world continues to be plagued by the devastation of war and political unrest. Today is an opportunity for us to recommit ourselves to build and sustain a more peaceful, inclusive, and equitable society.

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