AFSV Message on International Day of Living Together in Peace

May 16, 2023– Today, as the United Nations celebrates International Day of Living Together in Peace, we come together to celebrate and promote the fundamental values of peace, harmony, and coexistence.

On this occasion, we reaffirm our dedication to cultivating a deep respect for diversity and pluralism, promoting peaceful and positive action, and fostering tolerance among people of different backgrounds and national origins.

The AfSV upholds Core Values of the Hizmet Movement, which emphasizes Hizmet participants’ strive to reach a society where:

• Every human being is treated with dignity and accepted for who they are;
• Human rights are protected, and any form of diversity that does not contradict fundamental human rights is seen as richness;
• People are sensitive to the challenges of humanity;
• People of different religions, cultures, and worldviews enter dialogue and empathize with each other;
• Sharing and cooperation are cherished; and
• People live in peace and harmony.

As Hizmet participants, we are grateful to the UN for keeping these values front and center in a world too often filled with strife and conflict. Let us stand united in pursuit of these values for a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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