AfSV Denounces Turkey’s Abduction of Orhan Inandi

The Alliance for Shared Values, which is a voice for Hizmet organizations across the United States, denounces the Turkish government’s abduction—and apparent torture—of innocent Kyrgyz citizen Orhan Inandi, the founder of top-flight schools in Kyrgyzstan, over bogus charges of “terrorism.”

Inandi’s abduction in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, his being held in the Turkish embassy and his parading in front of cameras back in Turkey after being illegally rendered, are a grave example of Turkey’s complete disregard for international law.

Pictures of Inandi in custody in Turkey show signs of swelling on his hand. Turkey does not feel the need to even hide signs of its torture, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even brags about Inandi’s abduction to curry domestic political favor.

Turkey’s political opposition is complicit in its silence on these gross human rights violations against Inandi and hundreds of thousands of other Hizmet participants who have been the subject of government propaganda and persecution for five years despite no public evidence of any wrongdoing.

The international community and the opposition in Turkey should pressure Erdogan to stop Turkey’s gross human rights violations, release political prisoners and prisoners of conscience regardless of the victims’ identity.

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