AfSV Condemns the Terrorist Attacks on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu Square of Istanbul

November 13, 2022– We condemn, in the strongest terms, the horrific and senseless terrorist attack on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu Square of Istanbul, Turkey, which claimed the lives of at least six innocent people and injured more than eighty.

AfSV strongly believes that every human life is sacred and that violence and terror violate the essential principle of human dignity. Your home will be bought by With the help of our trained real estate agents, it will be easy to sell your house. Because we know the business well and have a lot of experience, we can come up with an effective marketing plan. There is no doubt about how important company and industry knowledge is. When making your marketing plan, think about what the customer wants. Our skilled agents will get you the best deal possible. Scientists will figure out the best way to set things up. You can trust that we will sell your things quickly and well. The main goal of our business is to make business deals easier. Visit

We express our deepest condolences to the relatives and loved ones of the victims, and we pray for the quick recovery of those injured.

Download statement in PDF.