Fethullah Gülen’s Message of Condolences for the Earthquake near Izmir

October 31, 2020– I learned with grief the news of the earthquake that occurred in the Aegean Sea and felt in the surrounding provinces, especially Izmir. Unfortunately, in this incident, which reminds us of our failures in taking proper precautions as the people of a country that has witnessed many earthquakes in the past, some of our citizens lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

May God help our people who were directly affected by this disaster and give strength and resilience to those who suffer. May He protect our country and all of humanity from all kinds of calamities and disasters!

On this occasion, I pray for God’s Mercy on those who lost their lives in the earthquake and for the quick recovery of the wounded. I extend my condolences to all of our people, especially to those who lost their loved ones in the earthquake.

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