Step 6 – Now, select Add External JARS… option to add the downloaded jar file to the Selenium projects. Running Tests 24X7 – You can run tests at any time and anywhere. And the implementation of WedDriver without Selenium RC is known as Selenium 3. The latest version is Selenium 4, which was launched in 2021. The difference between them is that Selenium 4 offers a direct client-server connection that Selenium 3 cannot.

As pointed out, one of the key advantages of adopting the TestNG automation framework is that it supports parallel test execution. TestNG test automation framework allows you to run tests in parallel or multithreaded mode by utilizing the Multi-Threading concept of Java. Watch this video to know more about test result analysis and reporting in Selenium 4. Also, learn about different selenium reporting tools based on ease of setup, pricing, supported report formats, and more. If you’re new to automation or moved from manual to automation testing, then Selenium WebDriver is the best place to start.

On your first day as a QA, you have to test an application that includes about 100 fields that require input. When conducting exploratory testing, you must manually insert input in each field. It takes the pressure off manual testers, and allows them to focus on higher-value tasks – exploratory tests, reviewing test results, etc.

What is Java in automation testing

Selecting locators are the building blocks of a Selenium script, and using the right one is critical. If incorrect locators are used, they tend to make the script flaky and unreliable. They also provide faster execution and are more reliable than CSS and XPath. This was a quick starter to learn Selenium with Java and run Automated Tests.


The paper illustrates the best approach to pick in order to automate any kind of Java application. The paper talks in brief about the approaches that are not suitable as well. In the walkthrough, we have concluded that Injecting code into a third party application using java instrumentation is the best suited approach for automating Java applications. Once the object from the UI is accessible, it is easy to perform any required operation on the object.

What is Java in automation testing

In a nutshell, automation testing is a technique used to improve the execution speed of verification/checks or any other repeatable tasks in the software development lifecycle. Automation testing refers to taking a repeatable manual process performed by a developer or tester and leveraging a tool to automate the process. Modular Testing framework is built on the concept of abstraction.

Write steps to automate primary “login” functionality test cases for an application?

The tool is built for QA engineers, developers, and QA Managers. Rest-Assured – Rest-Assured is an open-source Java Domain-specific language that makes testing REST services simple. It QA Automation Engineer Java job simplifies things by eliminating the need to use boiler-plate code to test and validate complex responses. Use a tool that leverages the same tools and languages your developers use.

Real-Device Testing-Testing on real devices is quicker than testing on emulators or simulators. Additionally, developers may watch the actual program behavior that customers will encounter. The attributes of your web automation software will determine how well your QA process performs. So when choosing the best solution for your company, keep an eye out for these crucial characteristics. It allows users to write tests that are easy to read and understand.

Non-functional Automation Testing Tools

So this way, the challenge of identifying which port the application is running on is solved. The approach used here is to assign the free port numbers randomly to the application. This works for any kind of Java application, be it Applet or JNLP or running through any command. It is required to give extra permission for socket connection and listening to AWT events and depending on the app may require giving all permission as well. User should not perform any other operation while automation is running. There are multiple approaches that can be used to achieve this.

  • This allows testers to write code and perform simple tests quickly and easily.
  • By reading the article further, you will know in detail about the components and tools for software testing.
  • Upports a ton of technologies across all kinds of platforms — all from one tool.
  • An application should have business-specific features and must be technically feasible.
  • According to a recent test automation survey, 81% of the respondents used Selenium as their automating testing tool.
  • It is an extension of JUnit, which is mainly used to test those applications which are highly dependent on the database.
  • We need to have a project set up for writing and storing our test cases.

To do this, first, you must manually download all the required Selenium jars and the testing frameworks. He understood that manual testing was becoming highly inefficient while testing complex applications and test cases. To ease this process, he built a JavaScript program that could control the browser’s action and automate web application testing. Mabl is the leading intelligent, low-code test automation solution for high-velocity teams. Test Automation Maintenance Approach is an automation testing phase carried out to test whether the new functionalities added to the software are working fine or not.

Careers in automation testing

Selenium is an open-source Web User Interface for performing automation testing of the Java application. Selenium can be easily deployed on platforms like Linux, Windows etc. Selenium also supports multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge etc.

Where should we keep the common functionalities that can be reused again and again? It is also important to understand, what sort of test cases cannot or rather should not be automated. While the internet has various ways to speed up and simplify commercial transactions, these processes can still be time-consuming and error-prone.

What is Java in automation testing

It has everything that you need to kickstart your Selenium automation journey. When it comes to the automation testing framework, Selenium is often the first option that comes to our mind. While getting started with automation testing, two questions pop up in a tester’s mind. Testing frameworks can be launched on the JVM using the JUnit Platform. The majority of well-known IDEs and build tools are supported, including IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, and Visual Studio Code . Java.lang, is one of the class and it is having a function called wait() which is one of the object types of the calling thread that halts its operation if the waits() operation.

First of all, let us make the required Selenium imports on the top of our test class file. I will be running the test on the Chrome browser for this demo. First, let us understand the test scenario for which we will be writing a test script. We will be automating a simple form submission where the steps are as follows. Finally, if you are running your test scripts on your local system, it is mandatory to have its respective browser driver for automating a browser. You can download the drivers for the browsers of your choice from here.

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It is mainly used to support performance testing for a wide range of protocols, several technologies, and application environments. These are those tools, which cannot be used freely, as they required a proper license. The commercial tools have additional features and functionality as compared to the other open-source testing tools. With programming languages, selenium also supports various operating systems and different browsers . The tester can perform parallel testing using the selenium grid, which reduces the execution time and improves productivity. Selenium is the highly recommended and widely used functional testing tool, which is well-suited for non-functional testing tools.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Serenity brought into the world of behavior driven development. Like all other BDD testing frameworks, JBehave is also advantageous in many ways. It is possible to do 100% automation- We have learnt that some of the test cases’ exploratory and usability can’t be automated, which stated that 100% automation is impossible. A tester can test the response of the software if the execution of the same operation is repeated several times. NeoLoad can automatically update the test scripts and developed the real-time test results. It makes sure that applications and server up times are sustained when faced with the highest customer usage.

Most of these positions require someone that knows how to create test automation in a programmatic way. The good news is that many of these jobs offer higher salaries than for a standard tester. Erify that the automated test is doing what you expect it to do. Have manual tests to verify that it is working as expected. In fact, Michael Bolton has gone as far as to say that manual testing does not exist. Automation can save you a lot of time since they don’t have to perform these repetitive tasks repeatedly after changing an application under test.