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– Fixing System Overload in Logic Pro X (4 Solutions)

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Keep in mind though that this process is irreversible , so you might want to back up your project before doing it. Another great solution is increasing the buffer range. The buffer range determines how your Mac handles all the processes coming at it. The only drawback is that a larger option such as samples will give you more latency when recording , but when just playing your project back and doing tasks such as composing and mixing , it will help Logic perform much better.

Few people know this, but leaving your track inputs assigned while not recording may drain lots of processing power from your Mac. It creates a snapshot of the region that is reversible so you can edit it later if you desire. A button with a snowflake will appear on the track : turn it on, press play, and Logic will start freezing its regions.

Click on it again to undo. Using sends has lots of benefits. Apart from relieving the load on your CPU , it will make you able to send the same effect , such as a reverb or a delay , to multiple tracks thus improving your workflow and your mix coherence. So if you want to use this software without problems — 16 gigabytes will be enough. On the other hand, if you can get 32 GB , that would be perfect.

Another nuance worth understanding is that the amount of RAM in Logic Pro is vital for working with sample-based instruments. The CPU will be crucial if we are talking about a process involving real-time sound generation.

Therefore, your workflow will also affect the system load. So if you use an orchestral , drum , or other libraries , you need more RAM.

But still , 16 gigabytes will be enough for most scenarios. Remember that you can always print tracks if you have many of them. By that, we mean export them as separate audio files. One more critical factor is exactly which virtual instruments you will use. In that case , even 8 gigabytes will be enough. It means that the better your CPU , the more plugins you can apply at once. It is essential if you are using virtual synthesizers or amp sims.

Generally , the stock Logic Pro plugins are not very costly in terms of processor load. But some third-party software can cause problems for your CPU. Therefore , if you have a weak Mac — before you buy any plugin , check how much it might load the machine. Long story short , the more cores your processor has, the smoother Logic Pro will run. This DAW will use all cores if you allow it in the settings. In addition , more cores will help Logic handle more plugins on individual channel strips.

It will be beneficial, especially if you need to mix a song with a large number of tracks. But what if there are plugins on those tracks that are CPU burners? In that case , not only the number of cores is essential for the smoothness of the process , but also how fast they work.

So keep this in mind if you plan to buy a Mac. Apple released the corresponding updates for the software last year. And we must say that these chips will suit your workflow since Logic should fly fast. However , keep in mind that not all plugins work with these processors. If you want the full unpacking , then you will need 72 gigabytes. Set automation preferences If your project doesn’t include automation, or the automation doesn’t need to be sample accurate, you can reduce the CPU load by turning off Sample Accurate Automation.

From the Sample Accurate Automation pop-up menu, choose Off. Choose the best sample rate for your project Projects with higher sample rates create larger audio files, which can increase the load on the CPU and disk. Use send effects When using CPU-intensive effect plug-ins such as reverbs and delays, you can reduce the load on the CPU by using send effects. Optimize software instruments Use these guidelines when working with software instruments: When mixing, make sure to select an Audio track or an External MIDI track, not a Software Instrument track.

Select a Software Instrument track only when you’re actively working on it. If your project includes Track Stacks, make sure no Software Instrument sub-tracks are selected. Freeze tracks , especially tracks with a lot of plug-ins. Freezing Software Instrument tracks can increase the load on the disk, increasing the likelihood of encountering a system overload alert. Set the number of voices used in a software instrument to the lowest number required.

For example, if you have a Sculpture track that plays only two simultaneous notes, you could set that instance of Sculpture to use two voices. Disk Drive Speed: If you have a solid-state drive or a rpm or faster hard drive for your audio samples, choose Fast.

Select Off. Lagging, also known as latency, is a different issue than a system overload, but they can often be related.

Like a system overload, there are several fixes for latency. Latency can also be caused by not having enough RAM to run a complex Logic project. If you are working on a project with a high number of tracks and are experiencing latency, try saving the project to an external dedicated storage device. Some of the adjustments mentioned in the sections above can also lead to latency.

The more complex a project you are working with, the more likely you will experience lag. Using a more powerful Mac will definitely help here, but if you are stuck with what you have, you might just need to deal with a bit of latency as well.

Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to how to fix a system overload in Logic Pro X. You can adjust the buffer settings to a higher sample rate. You can also use send effects to reduce the CPU load when you have a lot of plugins installed on a single channel.


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