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Google indic keyboard for windows 10 free download.Your words, your language, anywhere

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An optical tracing recognition feature translates your drawing of the word into the nearest character with a similar shape. Then you choose between different options in a textbox. If you are a citizen of the world who grew up learning different languages, or need several languages for your work, you love the multicultural, multilingual global community we have nowadays.

Many Internet websites come in more than two languages or allow instant translation. Signs at tourist attractions and points of interest come in at least three languages. Yet your average keyboard displays only one alphabet on its keys. This is not a problem if you work in only one language, but in the world today, people need to speak, read and write in many.

The best-known solution is to search the symbols tab for unusual characters in applications such as Word or Google Docs. This method is time-consuming and inconvenient for people who need to type in different languages and often switch between two or more.

As one of the leading providers of global communication services, Google is aware of the keyboard display limitation.

It came up with a solution: virtual keyboard and keystroke translation tools which enable users to switch from one keyboard to another in a different language. The virtual keyboard Google input tool is available for more than seventy languages with different letters, syllabic or pictographic characters. There is a Hindi input download , a simplified Chinese keyboard, a Marathi keyboard download , a phonetic Cherokee keyboard, among many others.

Rather than looking for special characters in word processor apps, you can have a keyboard designed for the language of your choosing. Not having to rely on constant searches for different characters saves you lots of time on your busy schedule.

If the pronunciation of a word is too hard for you to emulate using a Latin-based keyboard, you can draw it with a pen mouse or with your finger on a touchscreen. This option is much easier than looking for an image of the written word, then copying and pasting it onto a document.

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After getting the app on your device you are able to type the word in your mother tongue language. Google Indic keyboard also translate the English word in our native language. This is really helpful when you have to type a message in your native language to chat with your friends, compose an email, share posts on social media.

Google Indic Keyboard is currently available for android smartphones. There is not an official version released for windows and mac computers. So many people currently want this keyboard on pc too but not able to find the software.

So I decided to share the Google Indic keyboard for pc. Because most of the computers run windows and mac operating systems. The first thing we need to do is to install the Android operating system on the computer. Please make sure some key points before installing Bluestack on pc. Even though, Google Indic Keyboard is not a resource-intensive application you will still have a lag-free experience. MEmu Play is an Android 5.

The installation is quick and simple with no bloatware or third-party apps. Download Indic Keyboard For Android. Do share your personal favorite keyboard application in the comments section below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Technology News Security news Gadgets Guide.



Google indic keyboard for windows 10 free download.How To Download Google Indic Keyboard For PC (Windows & Mac)

The Google Indic Keyboard makes you feel at home and comfortable with your mother tongue by providing next word prediction and correction, appearing on your screen in familiar words and letters of Android keyboard. Then please share it on your social media. You can long press on the letters to get more options. Popular Apps.