Fethullah Gülen’s Message for the Victims of Flooding in Southern Brazil

May 17 2024 – I have learned, with deep sadness, that in Southern Brazil, more than 500,000 people had to leave their homes, hundreds of people lost their lives or were lost in multiple floods.

I offer my sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives in this disaster, and to all Brazilian people.

I am praying for the Brazilians who continue to suffer from and struggle with the repeated floods.

I am confident that local and national officials will take the necessary measures to meet the needs of the victims and to prevent similar disasters in the future.

May God the Most Merciful help all Brazilians affected by the disaster, and especially the emergency teams who are trying to control the flooding damage and help the victims.

About Fethullah Gülen

Fethullah Gülen is an Islamic scholar, preacher and social advocate, whose decades-long commitment to education, interfaith dialogue and altruism has inspired millions in Turkey and around the world. Gülen is the honorary chairman of the Rumi Forum, Washington, DC and the Intercultural Dialogue Platform, Brussels, Belgium.

About Alliance for Shared Values

The Alliance for Shared Values (AFSV) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves as a voice for cultural organizations affiliated with Hizmet, a civil society movement inspired by prominent preacher and peace advocate Fethullah Gülen. The Alliance strives to promote peace and social harmony by helping reduce misinformation and false stereotypes about any or all ethnic, cultural and religious communities. To learn more about the Alliance, please visit www.afsv.org.

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