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Play this game of your own and develop your skills. Somehow the experiment went wrong and because of the high energy a portal opened — it took him to an unknown planet. Another World 20th Anniversary Edition v1. Your email address will not be published.


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A world in which history took a different path, and cars rebelled against humanity as far back as the 19th century. Here, along the streets of the ruined cities, moving steam engines move with bleeding human brains in polished brass shells, and monsters, wrapped in steam, rise to the sky, splashing with red-hot oil.

Do you hope to easily get out of this godforsaken place? Oh well. To begin with, try to at least just survive If you do not want to, you’ll have to deal with all these steam units and get to the head of the local creatures – mystical and dangerous Mephistopheles.

Another World is a world in which it is difficult to survive, and it is almost impossible to win! Read more. Tags: Action , Adventure , all games. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Merciless to a fault, this is one brain-bleedingly challenging game that punishes even the smallest mistake with instant death, a factor that’ll either spur you on or have you grunting with dissatisfaction as you reach for the Call Of Duty 2 CD.

Perhaps Another World’s strongest feature is its context-sensitive scenery, which allows you to swing from vines and swipe dropped enemy weapons. It might be old, but this is one title that’s aged remarkably well. If you’re looking for a cheap, fun challenge, it’s well worth taking a quick trip down Nostalgia Lane. The game was developed by Eric Chahi and sold many copies back when released. The game was considered an innovation for its cinematic effects in graphics, sound and cut scenes.

In the cut scenes the characters were communicating through facial features, gestures and actions. Due to its popularity the game was published on other platforms as well. The game is today available on modern platforms, such as computers, consoles and mobile phones, thanks to several game engine recreations. An anniversary game was released for Microsoft Windows in , at the 15th Anniversary Edition.

The game follows the story of Lester Knight Chaykin, who is a young and athletic physicist. He arrives at his headquarters in his Ferrari during a violent thunderstorm and gets right away to work on his experiment using a particle accelerator. This causes an unpreventable teleportation which takes Lester to an alien planet.

Lester is now in a dangerous situation and after he manages to evade some animals, he becomes the slave of an alien race. He is also taken to a prison and is put behind bars. However, later on he manages to escape thanks to another captive alien, and has to continue his pursue of evading whilst travelling through dangerous environments. He has to fight lots of enemies and solve puzzles to survive natural hazards.

Though in the end of the game he is severely damaged by a guard, he saves his alien friend from death and they both manage to escape off the planet.

The release is a platform game. The player has to use the keyboard and gamepad to make Lester run, jump, attack or perform different actions. There is no explanation of what you have to do, and a lot of you time will be spent working that out. Death is extremely common, and often it’s not your fault as you couldn’t have predicted what would happen on the first try. While it is still really stylish and atmospheric enough to make you want to play, Another World is incredibly frustrating.

There is no freedom, so you are forced do things a certain way or you won’t succeed. Anyone who played the original game will probably forgive all this, but to newcomers it seems extremely unkind! Another World will always be a classic, but even updating the graphics can’t hide the brutally hard and inflexible gameplay.

Perhaps it was better left in gaming history! After a failed experiment and a strange explosion, a young scientist travels to a strange world where nothing is as it seems and every object is a potentially lethal creature!

Fifteen years after the original, Another World has been picked up, polished off and released to the gaming public once again. The graphics have been tweaked to enhance the overall look and feel of the game but anyone who was familiar with the original, will instantly be able to pick it up and play with the same simple control system that helped to make this one of the classic games of the past.

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Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Free Download PC Game Repack-Games Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Pre-Installed Repack-Games. Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Free Download (v) PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. You will launch a PC game by dragging the icon on the DosBox. Another World for Mac you will run using emulator Basilisk II. Download ANOTHER WORLD.