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Motorsport as well as racing theme can derive enormous benefits from this asset of shapes, since the clipart covers such helpful elements as:. How about giving your design a powerful businesslike vibe? Whether you are creating a corporate website or special print material, you should definitely take a look at this set that features 41 custom shapes including:. This asset of airplanes that were popular in World War 2 will certainly find its place in various designs.

Sailing ships, submarines, boats, death marks and much more are hidden in this marine-inspired asset. Though graphics are not so detailed as it should be, yet it still will look great in your print material. Leverage it as standalone elements, patterns or ornament for backgrounds. We continue to replenish your toolbox with nautical-themed graphic stuff.

This time, the package comprises different sea creatures such as:. If subtle silhouettes of old WW2 airplanes presented above are not enough for realizing your idea concerning air transport, then you will be simply delighted with this vector pack that is aimed to expand your toolkit with 15 modern aircraft custom shapes. You will get images of:. The set is perfect for creating compositions that should have a human touch.

It goes well with such spheres as:. The author of this package is perfectly aware of the fact that musical widgets as well as music applications are highly popular both among developers and regular users. He has given away a very useful pack that allows you to quickly prototype a basic control center of such interface.

Need to create infographic or demonstrate some important statistics, then the custom shape of a world map will certainly come of assistance. Moreover, aside from a map of our planet, the package features:.

The author offers a helpful pack that includes 45 assorted custom shapes. You can find here the silhouettes of famous people, gas mask, aerosol, vehicle, motorcycle and much more. Unfortunately, the set was made for Photoshop CS2, so you can experience some problems in later versions.

However, if you are ok with that, then download it in order to find out what else is hidden inside it. This collection of 26 high-quality Photoshop-only custom shapes is going to add some dynamics to your project. Though the author claims out that this pack is marked by simplicity and randomness which not everyone will understand how to turn into its advantage, yet every shape is able to set up its own positive and vivid atmosphere related to sport activities.

There are silhouettes of:. Step away from gloomy and dark designs, and reveal your shiny side with this useful pack of sun-themed custom shapes. Do you feel an urge of implementing one in your project, then try out this package, the more so it can be used both in personal and commercial projects.

Halloween is one of the beloved feasts among a great deal of people. Photoshop offers its loyal users various sorts of time-savers that not only prevent designers from spending hours on crafting something from a scratch but also help to enrich their projects with ready-to-use high-quality graphics pretty quickly.

And the custom shapes are one of those helpers that are able to make your workflow more productive. Although many of us are accustomed more with using brushes when designing something in Photoshop, we can still find many other useful instruments we can play with when there are some inspiration and free time at hand.

Before including components in our toolkit, most of us try to take into consideration several things, first of all, topicality, secondly efficiency of the compiled material, and finally diverseness.

So when it comes to replenishing your toolbox with some valuable stuff for Adobe Photoshop, as a rule, we are guided by the possibility of saving our time as well as making our workflow more effective and giving a final result harmonious and finished look, so to say kill two birds with one stone. Eliminating all the unwanted distractions is really vital.

If you have a comprehensive set of tools at your fingertips, you will be able to craft professionally-looking stuff quite quickly, whether you are creating UI design or illustration. Adobe Photoshop provides several options for allowing you to speed up your work. Custom shapes are one of them. Unlike other powerful instruments — a brush — shapes can be easily scaled to a large or small size without a loss of quality and sharpness.

Though they present only vector silhouettes of various things, yet with a help of other basic tools such as gradients, patterns, color filling, etc. We have highlighted more than 50 custom shapes packages, covering more than individual items that fall in different categories, so you will certainly find the one that will ideally co-work with your upcoming project.

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Treat it as a proof of concept. Subscribe now to receive discounts, news, and updates. We pinky swear to not spam you. All Rights Reserved. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Privacy Statement. Free Custom Shapes for Adobe Photoshop. Table of Contents hide. Pros of Using Photoshop Shapes. Create a silhouette. Monogram Styles. Silhouette Cameo Projects. Silhouette Crafts. Deer Silhouette. Upcycled Crafts. Repurposed Items.

Diy Crafts. Recycled Cans. Vintage Crafts. Vintage Tin. Shabby Vintage. Decoupage Vintage. Vintage Images. Super easy “Vintage” tin can for Mother’s Day Flowers! Clip Art Vintage. Clock Vintage. Vintage Alarm Clocks. Images Vintage.

Vintage Ephemera. Vintage Graphics. Antique Clock. Antique Art. Vintage Labels. Vintage Ads. Vintage Prints. Printable Vintage. Vintage Type. Adored Vintage. Diy Vintage. Vintage Scissors. Sewing Scissors. Graphics Fairy. Photography Tutorials. Portrait Photography. Click the arrow at the top right of the panel to list the shapes you can choose from and how to display them.

Draws a custom shape based on the proportions with which it was created. Draws a custom shape based on the size at which it was created. Draws a custom shape from the center. Create multiple shapes in the same layer. Select a shape layer in the Layers panel Expert mode or create a new shape layer.

If you want to create a different type of shape, select a different shape tool. Select a shape area option to determine how shapes should overlap, and then drag within the image to draw new shapes:. Removes the area where shapes overlap. Shows only the area where shapes intersect. The other areas will be removed. Removes the overlapping areas in the new and existing shapes. More like this Select or move a shape Transform a shape Apply a layer style to a shape.

Sign in to your account. Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans. Though the author claims out that the vegetation shapes are roughly made without lots of details and nuances so that it is quite difficult to leverage in small scaled artworks, however, if you feel absolutely comfortable with Photoshop and perfectly aware of how to neaten the edges then this set will look gorgeous used both in small and large sizes.

Otherwise, if you are a newbie then just make the most out of it by employing it in the landscaping plan. As for the license, though the author does not require credits, yet you should be a member of Deviantart in order to put this preset into a work. In addition to the previous set, we have included the package that features 24 shapes of different dead tree silhouettes that will add some specific organic vibe to your project.

It is well-suited for creating logos, prints and various nature-inspired compositions. However, much like in previous example, before using it take a glance at the license that allows leveraging the set on your projects with several exceptions and requirements. Step away from boring plane objects by adding some zest of an offbeat 3d dimension feeling and spicing up your artwork with isometric touch.

Though the set includes only abstract forms that are composed of lines, dots and zigzags, yet this vibe of conceptuality, originality and primitiveness will definitely diversify your design. Want to create some visual paths in order to guide users from one point to another, show a direction for a look by focusing attention on the more important things or just decoratively separate one block from another?

Then various lines will be simply irreplaceable, especially when these lines are enlivened by some interesting and unexpected decorative elements such as stars, swirls and blobs as well as smooth and winding lines. This small yet very helpful set of woman silhouettes will definitely find its place in your toolkit. Those who regularly create party flyers as well as woman-oriented print material will highly appreciate this well-crafted set.

It has 7 various shapes that can be scaled to any desirable size. So if you feel a need for charging up an atmosphere of your project a bit and impregnate it with some fancy girlish vibe then check out this pack. Does unique Japan style of cartoon production manage to fascinate you? If yes, then this set of items related to Code Geass, one of the most popular Japanese anime series in late and , will make you feel really happy.

Do you have an urge for building a mechanical artwork or creating illustrations with a strong technical atmosphere? Then check out this enormous set of rough shapes and brushes that embraces 90 different gear symbols. The set is also great for drawing complex backgrounds, technical illustrations and various kind of industrial logos and prints.

As the author claims, the shapes will look great both in large and small sizes, yet the small scaled graphics will gain more benefits. The set ships with:. It is ideal for creating such graphics as search fields, search buttons and modules for image viewers, for example a lightbox.

Using lines for directing users in order to walk them through your areas is a really good solution; however nothing can be compared in terms of creating visual directions as arrow signs.

And it is not the only sphere where custom shapes of arrows can be useful. So that variations of arrows that are presented in various weights and interpretations will be a quite valuable addition to your toolbox. Bright retro-style graphics as well as vibrant hippy-inspired elements always bring some positive emotions, giving your project a note of optimism and cheerfulness. The spiral sunburst shapes as well as wavy rosettes will definitely reanimate and vitalize your project with its powerful, promising and rosy mood.

Building a basic interface of an eCommerce website or e-shop application sometimes can be a bit laborious since you have to create lots of small widgets and functional modules such as cart, payment options and so on that need to have distinctive easily-recognizable icons.

This set is here to lessen your efforts by providing you with a set of 60 shopping and eCommerce shapes for Photoshop. Here, you will find carts, sale tags and gift icons. If you are up to mock up a cooking-oriented design you will definitely need some specific graphics such as kettles, saucepans, knives, forks, spoons, plates, mugs, rolling pins, graters and others.

And this set already has everything you may need in order to make your project look harmonious and completed. Get your required neatly-made bakeware containers and utensils as well as tableware items. Want to design an illustration featuring mouth-watering baking?

Then take a look at this set that consists of various cake silhouettes. It is an ideal option for adorning your Birthday flyer, cooking-themed design and various yummy compositions. We continue to replenish your toolbox with various cookware items. This time the set is dedicated to various stemware items. So, you will find vector symbols for creating. Coming with everything you need in order to create a wonderful skyline, countrified or rustic design, this set will become an excellent addition to your Photoshop toolkit.

The pack features such forms as:. The set allows you to experiment with a fancy star theme, giving you an opportunity to create various fantastic, cosmic and skyline compositions.

It includes several illustrative options that will definitely find its proper place in your project. The asset will enormously contribute to your website aesthetics and brighten illustrations, posters, flyers and background designs. The package effectively interacts with other previously mentioned sets of cookware and glasses shapes. This is a great addition to your toolkit of drinks custom shapes. This asset is an excellent option for drawing artworks related to seas, oceans, lakes and rivers.

It includes 30 custom shapes that can be easily implemented in your design. The compatibility with Photoshop CS3 lets designers who do not update their software or do not have the opportunity to buy a higher version freely leverage this package.

This is an excellent asset of circular shapes that is aimed to reinforce disco-inspired projects. You can easily combine together various items and prettify them with a help of vibrant colors in order to get the greatest output.

As for website design, your backgrounds will definitely gain some vintage vibe with these custom shapes. Sometimes we need specific graphics that either should be bought or created, and since we highly value our time, usually we resort to e-market option. However, if you have a really extensive toolbox that is filled with various Photoshop custom shapes, you will definitely choose an option of crafting something by yourself.

The set includes 12 custom rectangular-shaped clocks. Not the shape preview thumbnail on the right which is technically called a vector mask thumbnail. You want the thumbnail on the left, the one that looks like a color swatch with a little slider bar underneath. Double-click on it to change the shape’s color:. This will bring up Photoshop’s Color Picker. Choose a new color for your shape with the Color Picker. I’m going to choose a brown color for my gingerbread man:.

Click OK when you’re done to exit out of the Color Picker, and the new color is applied to your shape:. Color isn’t the only thing you don’t have to worry about with shapes. One of the great things about working with shapes in Photoshop is that they use vectors instead of pixels, which means you’re free to change the size of them whenenever you want, as often as you want, without any loss of image quality! Resize the shape by dragging any of the corner handles. Hold down Shift as you drag the handles to constrain the proportions of the shape, again so you don’t accidentally distort the look of it.

To rotate the shape, simply move your mouse anywhere outside of the Free Transform box, then click and drag your mouse to rotate it:. You can add as many copies of your custom shape as you like to your document, changing the color, size and rotation of each one as needed. Each copy of the shape will appear as its own separate shape layer in the Layers palette.

Here, I’ve added several more copies of my Gingerbread Man shape to my document, each one set to a different color, size and angle. Notice how no matter what size you make them, they always retain their sharp, crisp edges:.

And there we have it! We’ve created an initial shape by tracing around an object with the Pen Tool. We “cut out” little details in our shape using a combination of the Pen Tool and the Ellipse Tool, both set to the “Subtract from shape area” option in the Options Bar. We then created a new Photoshop document, selected the “Custom Shape Tool”, selected our shape from the Shape selection box, and dragged out our shape inside the document.

Finally, we saw how to change the color, size and angle of the shape any time we want! That covers the basics of how to create and use Custom Shapes in Photoshop, and that brings us to the end of Part 1 of our “Custom Shapes For Digital Scrapbooking” tutorial.

In Part 2 , we’ll look at how to gather up multiple shapes we’ve created and save them as Custom Shape sets! Visit our Photoshop Basics section for more Photoshop topics! The three icons in the Options Bar which allow us to select what we want to do with the Pen Tool. Photoshop fills the shape with the Foreground color as you draw it, blocking the object from view. Lower the opacity of the shape layer using the Opacity option in the top right of the Layers palette.

The object is now visible through the shape color after lowering the shape layer’s opacity. Click on the Rectangle Tool in the Tools palette, then hold your mouse button down until the fly-out menu appears and select the Ellipse Tool from the list. The left eye has now been “cut out” of the initial shape, allowing the eye from the original image below it to show through.



Adobe photoshop elements 9 shapes free

We continue to replenish your toolbox with various cookware items. They prove to be quite effective. Double-click on it to change the shape’s color:. Collection of Free Custom Shapes for Photoshop. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans. That covers the basics of how to create and use Custom Shapes in Photoshop, and that brings us to the end of Part 1 of our “Custom Shapes For Digital Scrapbooking” tutorial.