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eMastercam Downloads include free ebooks, free book samples, mastercam demo software, and files referenced in books at your convenience. Installing HTML setup sheet program in Mastercam X5. By Webby. 3, 0. Free Mill Level 1 Training Tutorial Downloads Mastercam Training Files. By DanielGingras. 16, Free Chip Thinning. Mastercam’sBackstageOverview 49 ExploringMastercam’sBackstage 49 WorkingwithConfigurationFiles 51 Exercise1:CreatingaConfigurationFile 51 Exercise2:ChangingSystemColors 52 Exercise3:ChangingCADSettings 54 Exercise4:ChangingtheSizeandOpacityofOn-screenControls 56 Exercise5:SettingupAutoSaveandBackup 56 CustomizingMastercam Jun 17,  ·» downloads mastercam » mastercam Free UpdateStar Packs to setup your computer software. 05/25/ How to setup a VPN on a Windows computer using PureVPN for example. 05/18/ Why you should think about using a VPN to protect your privacy. 05/16/


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Product Downloads. Give Mastercam a try! Click here to request a copy of Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition (HLE). Log in at to find the following downloads: Mastercam. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS. Some downloads require you to link your account–please see details on Mastercam’sBackstageOverview 49 ExploringMastercam’sBackstage 49 WorkingwithConfigurationFiles 51 Exercise1:CreatingaConfigurationFile 51 Exercise2:ChangingSystemColors 52 Exercise3:ChangingCADSettings 54 Exercise4:ChangingtheSizeandOpacityofOn-screenControls 56 Exercise5:SettingupAutoSaveandBackup 56 CustomizingMastercam Jul 22,  · 2. In the first step, install the Mastercam option and in the second step, click Configure, and select the HASP value for the SIM Type. 3. Do not install the software in the end. 4. If you already installed the USB-emulatot on your system for the Mastercam X5 Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.


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Solid Enhancements Solid Sweep Solid Sweep now has more options and controls than in previous releases. Solid Sweep operations from previous releases will still have limited features when edited in Mastercam Only newly created Solid Sweep operations will support the new options. Each profile must have an equal number of entities, but the profiles do not need to be chained in sync.

The chains must contain the same number of entities, even if the shape is different. Guide Chain Use a Guide Chain to influence a Solid Sweep operation by introducing a chain that alters the shape of the results.

The images below depict the orange wireframe being swept across the blue wireframe. The green wireframe is the Guide Chain. Guide Chains are not limited to the same plane as the Along Chain. New alignment options Two new options have been added to control the alignment between your profile and the Along chains. Previous releases always kept the same angle relationship between the Profile and Along curves. You can choose one of the following: Normal l l Parallel Normal maintains the original angle relationship between the profile and along chain.

Parallel keeps the cross sections parallel to the original profile. The ability to control this relationship makes the exact placement of the profile in relation to the Along curve less critical.

In Mastercam , the profile geometry easily runs along sharp corners. If any sharp corners are encountered, Mastercam miters them. This enhancement gives you greater flexibility and precision when modeling. You can control the angle of the twist as well as its placement along the sweep.

There is no limitation on the angle of the twist, and you can use the following options to apply the twist from a certain place: No twist Twist l The start of the Along Chain to the end l The start of the Profile Chain s to the end of the Along Chain l The start of the Along Chain to the Profile Chain s 69 What’s New in Mastercam — Design Enhancements Solids Manager New icon A new icon has been added to the Solids Manager that represents solid bodies with operations that have been rolled back and are dirty.

This is especially helpful when there are many solid bodies and the bodies are collapsed so the history is not displayed. Stop Operation placement There is now a simpler way to manipulate the Stop Operation inside the history of a solid. You can now place the Stop Operation by selecting the operation you want to be last and selecting Move Stop Op here from the rightclick menu. Keep solid feature color Mastercam now retains a solid’s face and feature colors even after you have removed its history.

Solid face masking You can now use the standard color masking tools found in the Quick Mask color selection to select solid faces when creating a surface from a solid. Transform Enhancements Listed below are enhancements made to the Transform functions. Control start position Rotate and Mirror now include a new option, Translate, which maintains the same start position of a closed circle when rotated or mirrored.

If deselected, the start position of the circle moves as it did in previous Mastercam releases. Select Metric or English in the Uniform group to scale your geometry. Wireframe Enhancements Listed below are enhancements made to Wireframe functions. These new features will help in the creation of more accurate containment boundaries. Ignore shared edges off Ignored shared edges on Only outside loops Curve All Edges now allows you to create curves from only exterior edges of a solid and ignores the inner edges when you select Only outside loops.

It is only active when solid faces are selected. Previously, these functions only supported creating geometry in 3D mode. By supporting 2D geometry creation, geometry created from the selected edge can be projected to the current Cplane and Z depth, instead of requiring you to use another function, such as Project.

Create Letters is now in a function panel, allowing you to work simultaneously within the graphics window. This also means that the letters are now live entities, so when you choose a new font, reposition, or edit the text it now shows the results in the graphics window.

Use Edit Spline to refine and prepare splines. You can move, rotate, or lengthen the tangent vector or move the control point. For more control and a finer adjustment of the curve, you can add or remove node points, or increase the number of control points. Helix and Spiral Helix and Spiral function panels now include locks for specific fields.

The fields you can lock are Revolutions, Height, Pitch for helix creation, and Initial Vertical Pitch for spiral creation. Locking a field does not prevent you from changing that value, it simply establishes which field is constant and which two are calculated.

Select this option to create a line by selecting two points. The first point selected will be the midpoint and the second point will define one end while the other end of the line is a mirror in the opposite distance and angle. Modify at Intersection allows you to trim, break, or create points with lines, arcs, and splines where they intersect with surfaces, solid bodies, solid faces, and solid sheet bodies. This is particularly useful when modeling or prepping for Multiaxis toolpaths.

Select Modify at Intersection, and then use any selection method to select the wireframe geometry that you want to edit. After selecting the wireframe, select an intersecting surface, face, or solid body to display the function panel. When trimming geometry, Mastercam keeps the wireframe on the Normal side of the surface or solid by default. To change this, click Reselect. Improved Inch and Metric Support Mastercam now supports mixing inch and metric tools and holders when building tool assemblies in Mill.

You can use metric tools in inch part files and inch tools in metric part files. This includes proper tool compensation and scaling in Backplot and Verify. Note: This does not support scaling operation parameters when changing system units.

This launches another dialog box to allow you to select the tools you wish to import. The cloud icon in the second column indicates that the associated tool assembly has not been validated. If the tool assembly passes Mastercam’s validation tests, you will see a green checkmark indicating that it can now be saved. If Mastercam detects problems with the tool, an icon will display indicating the severity of the problem.

A red X indicates that there is a critical issue that must be resolved first. A yellow exclamation mark indicates a non-critical warning. Use the hyperlink in the description field to review or edit the tool in question. The importer does not connect to a server process; instead, you import ZIP files containing your tool assemblies using the Open button. Similar to importing with CoroPlus see “Importing with CoroPlus” on page 80 , all assemblies must be validated before they can be used in Mastercam.

This includes improvements to the 2D, 3D, and Multiaxis suite of toolpaths. General Enhancements Listed below are enhancements that apply to Mill toolpaths in general, not just 2D or 3D toolpaths. Drill point sorting Sort by name has been added to the Drill Point Manager right-click menu.

This allows you to reset the sort order to the original selection order or in the order you have named the drill points. When the cutter moves through outside arcs, the perimeter of the cutter is moving through the material slower than the center of the tool, which results in a decreased chipload on the tool.

Contour The following enhancements apply to the standard 2D Contour toolpath. Chamfer tool offset In previous versions, you could only modify the Tip offset when chamfer milling, allowing you to control how far past the bottom chamfer rail the tip of the chamfer tool extends.

Top offset places the full diameter of the chamfer tool at a specified distance above the top rail of the chamfer. Bottom offset amount ensures the tip of the tool clears the bottom of the chamfer. Width has also been renamed to Chamfer width. You can also now enter 0. This allows you to chain the top or bottom rail of an existing chamfer and place the chamfer where you desire using the top or bottom offset value. Multi pass order In Mastercam , multi passes were only ordered By contour, meaning it completed one chain before moving on to the next.

In , you can now choose By contour or By pass on the Multi Passes page. By pass orders the multi passes by pass number. It will run the first multi pass on all contours, then the second multi pass on all contours, and so on. Rough pass cut direction You can now control the cut direction of rough passes on the Multi Passes page. Select either One way or Zigzag. One way causes the rough multi 87 What’s New in Mastercam — Mill Enhancements passes to behave as they did in past versions.

Zigzag will alternate the cut direction between climb and conventional. Both options respect the Keep tool down option. These options allow you to order your cuts from top to bottom or from bottom to top. By contour and By region machine each machining region to completion before moving to the next. In previous versions, you could only machine finish passes at all depths or at the final depth. Now you can add or remove finish cuts, based on the number of rough depth cuts specified on the Depth Cuts page.

Add between creates a finish pass at all depth cuts and adds a specified amount of passes between depth cuts. For example, when set to 2, Mastercam adds two evenly spaced passes between depth cuts. In the image 89 What’s New in Mastercam — Mill Enhancements below, the red lines represent depth cuts and the blue lines represent multipass finish passes. Per number of adds a finish pass only at every specified depth cut. A multipass finish pass is always added to the last depth cut.

When set to 2, Mastercam adds a finish pass only at every second depth cut, depicted by the blue and red lines together below. These new features are located on the Linking Parameters page. For example, if the top of a feature should be cleared by a certain amount, you can enter a Clearance amount, select Associative, and then pick a point on the feature in the graphics window. The Clearance plane will always be the specified incremental value above the point, even if the feature is moved.

Set the Entry method to Plunge only on the Entry Motion page. This option allows you to plunge directly into material. Spring passes create additional finish passes along the same path as the last finish pass. In other words, use this option to create additional finish passes with a spacing of zero between the passes. This can used for parts with thin material that may have flexed away from the tool during previous passes. The tool motion can now use the top, bottom, or both values of the stock.

All of the linking parameters can be set to adapt to changing stock values. Undercut support Select Undercut undercut tool only when using an undercut tool to support tool compensation.

When a slot mill tool, with Undercut undercut tool only and Step up selected, there are the following changes: l l Stock to leave becomes inverted. Break through becomes inverted. Select Tapered walls on the Depth Cuts page to angle depth cuts from the top of the stock to the final depth.

Disable undercut tool support When you select an undercut tool, but do not want to machine the undercut area, select Detect undercuts on the Rough Parameters tab for Surface Rough Pocket and on the Finish contour parameters tab for Surface Finish Contour. Detect undercuts disables undercutting when using an undercut tool.